Life Programs


Council 4726 demonstrates our support for the right to life, and encourages others to choose life by sponsoring and participating in local and natinal MArches for Life. Council 4726 members partcipate in marches in Polk County and Washington, DC, as well as sponsoring parish youth to travel the the annual March in Washington, DC.


Council 4726 maintains and stores a significant stock of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) that we make available to anyone who is in need. These items are previously owned, but are lovingly maintained by our Medical Equipment chairman. All that we ask in return is that anyone who borrows an item returns in to the council once you are done.


Council 4726 believes that human life is precious and most holy, and the best way to promote a culture of life in our nations is by coming together in public and private acts of prayer to promote the protection of life. In conjunction with St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, we offer an annual 9 day long prayer program in order to promote a culture of life within our community. 


Council 4726 and our members have a profound love of expecting mothers and their children. In order to show our love and support both during and after pregnancy, we provide financial support to a local Winter Haven pregnancy center, so that they may continue to provide support to expectant mothers, and help them choose life.