Special Olympic Report

It is an honor to be able to attend and report on a Special Olympic event.  It has been a hard year for these athletes with the Covic-19 since for some of them this is the only social participation they have.  

The event was held in Aquatic on December 5, 2020. The annual event was the Polar Plunge. The Polar Plunge is where the athletes, coaches, parents, etc. will jump into a cold swimming pool. This is where the athletes raise money for Special Olympics and they earn, park tickets, cups, towels, etc.  They have a great time and then they can enjoy the rest of the park.   One of our own Sir Knight, Ricky Lopez, participated in the event with the donations he received from the Knights and Columbiettes.

I also had the privilege to meet and talk to the President/CEO of Special Olympics, Sherry Wheelock.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Lopez

Special Olympics Chairman

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